Part I: Thesis

Building the illustration dictionary for design


Current set of illustration sets for designs are shallow

Illustrations are different from photos, they are human produced. And the process is much more than a click on a camera.

Illustrations sets are made by digital illustrators, who have limited capacity to produce items. As a result, there are illustration sets of 20-50 concepts most of the time, and they never go deeper. If website or powerpoint producer need a concept outside of those, he has no choice but to get illustrations custom made. And in fact, most design agencies use have their own illustrators.

Another thing is that illustrators who create sets focuses on the most popular concepts that people use. So what happens usually is the universe of illustrations is the same 20-50 concepts repeated in different styles by different illustrators.


Design illustration sets are not organized or interchangable

Design illustrations are not really interchangeable. Right now they are pretty much locked in with the site itself. That's because each illustration set people use are unique, and to change the illustrations means you have to go in and change every single one.

What if changing the illustration was the same as changing a font? You have a site-wide illustration style, and concepts you want to use along a certain block of text. When you change your illustration style, every single one of your illustrations get changed through the site.

That's what we're trying to build at Pictographic, the system and the sets for a illustration "font".


Design in a post AI world, API for illustration images

AI generated content is on the rise, however, they can't see with their eyes and know what illustration correspond to what content. AI generated art is also on the rise, but they are erratic and lack the polish of a illustration set that designs currently have. By having a human verified set of drawings around concepts, AI can also create content with our pictures via API.

This creates richer content set. Bloggers no longer need to add pictures after to their AI prompts. Simple answers in AI bots could become more interesting with pictures interspersed in between.


Future of design illustrations

The future of content creation is going towards AI creating a draft that humans edit and then publish. The helper for that vision of content creation will be libraries like Pictographic.

By having both a set of human curated digital illustration set and also a community of designers/content creators who select what they want to use. We can produce new styles faster and see if they catch on.

Our lab will release new styles on smaller sets to see if they are popular and then render it on every single concept if they are. A Cambrian explosion of designs will make websites and other content a lot more interesting.

Part 2: Use Cases

Pictographic Usage

A look at how illustrations are used now in websites/presentations and how we could possibly fit in by example

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